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No New Posts Market District

The center of commerce in Denerim, the Market District has slowly begun to become a busy center full of merchants, peddlers and businesses once more. The Market District has also been known to attract some of the shadier members of society, however, and travelers may need to be wary of their purse-strings. Though it took a massive blow during the Blight, the district is under heavy construction and is slowly regaining its lost businesses to the delight of merchants and thieves alike.

18 315 Some Much Needed R&R [Closed]
by Alistair Theirin
Oct 14, 2017 5:01:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Elven Alienage

Despite the losses and destruction that occurred here during the battle against the Archdemon, the alienage is still home to the majority of Denerim's elven population. A place most known for it's crime and poverty, adventurers and common folk alike should be wary when entering this walled-off section of Denerim.

7 83 Relatively Okay [Closed]
by Niamh
Oct 17, 2017 23:46:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Royal Palace

With a noble history greater than her vast halls, the structure of the Royal Palace was relatively untouched during the Blight. This beautiful estate situated in southern Denerim houses both the King of Ferelden and the council chambers.

14 204 Oh Wouldn't It Be Lovely (To Leave) [Closed]
by Innes Cameron
Oct 16, 2017 19:03:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Grey Warden Compound

Located in the Palace District of Denerim, the Grey Warden Compound is a large estate with enough room to house at least two dozen Wardens. There are private quarters for higher-ranked Wardens, as well as barracks for the rank-and-file, and a well-appointed kitchen and enormous larder paired with a communal dining room. Wardens may train indoors in the thoroughly equipped practice area, or they may spar outside in the open-air arena located near the estate's impressive courtyard and gardens. The estate has a full complement of staff to oversee it when the Wardens are not stationed in Denerim.

36 583 Play It Safe, Play It Cool [Complete]
by Marius Whitby
Oct 15, 2017 19:44:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Wayfinder's Rest

Wayfinder's Rest is close to the gates of Denerim, only a few streets away from the Bann of West Hill's Estate. The place is not too lavish, but still manages to be inviting. There is always candlelight in the windows, to show weary travelers that there is always room for them at Wayfinder's. Above the oaken door hangs a sign with the name of the tavern as well as the tavern's motto; 'All Are Welcome'. Inside, the tavern is well lit and furnished with cozy looking furniture hand-crafted from Denerim's own Myth Goodheart. The rooms for rent at Wayfinder's are humble, but extremely homey, all outfitted with a bed, a wash basin, a chest of drawers, and a writing desk. Some rooms even have a place to burn wood to heat them up on the cold of Winter. The common area is wide and open, lit from candle-filled chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. There are sturdy tables and chairs in this area where people are free to have a seat to eat, drink, and be merry. The bar is always fully stocked and bustling, with Gwyndolyn doling out her home brewed liquor. The kitchen is very open and spacious. It smells richly of herbs and spiced meat. The fires are always blazing in the hearth, and the walls are stout and made of brick. The room has large windows, making it very open to the light as well. The rafters are filled with drying herbs and ingredients. The kitchen also comes equipped with a well-stocked pantry. The door is currently locked, however, with no lights visible behind the drawn curtains, and a sign hung in the front window reads "Closed Until Further Notice".

1 5 Luck be a Lady Tonight [Closed]
by Cyn
Mar 18, 2017 23:24:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Arl of Denerim's Estate

The Arl of Denerim's Estate has seen a number of lords over the last few years. The newest is Arlessa Ariadne Harding, young but determined to prove her worth in the position.

12 144 Sweet Dreams Are Not Made of This [Complete]
by Eideard Clacher
Oct 17, 2017 18:25:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Fort Drakon

Fort Drakon, a massive foreboding fortress that predates Denerim herself, has a long and often dark history. A veritable stronghold and monument to the resolve and strength of man, this is the legendary site where the Warden slew the Archdemon. Currently it is used to house prisoners and train guards.

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No New Posts The Pearl

A large brothel located in eastern Denerim, the Pearl has something to offer any patron and any exotic taste. Recently reconstructed, the Pearl seems a "main attraction" in Denerim, especially since the Blight, and is busier than ever.

Please note that mature roleplay is not allowed.

1 6 A Quiet Evening Out [Semi-Open]
by Donal Jeffries
Oct 15, 2017 17:25:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Back Alleys

Denerim has many winding, twisting dark alleyways full of dark people doing dark deeds. Be wary should you choose to step foot down a back alley in Denerim; there may be more than rats lurking in the shadows.

7 113 Who Heals The Healer? [Closed]
by Bethany Hawke
Oct 14, 2017 15:08:27 GMT -5


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