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About Our Rules & FAQ

To ensure continuity in our story, we believe that our setting deserves a little care and consideration. While we do deviate from canonical lore in some areas - mainly due to beginning our RP in 2010 - we do try to mirror many of the facets of Dragon Age. Our rules help to ensure everyone is informed about what is permissible on the site.

Please see below for rules relating to specific areas of the board.

About Character Creation

The Character Creation Guide (CC Guide) was developed as a step-by-step navigation to applying for a character on our site, which can be viewed in the "CC Guide" tab. The information provided will ensure that your character has a higher chance of being accepted with minimal edits during the review process, but here are the most frequent questions:

Q: Are there any character type restrictions?

A: Yes, there are some restrictions to which character types are permitted on the boards.

Without exception, we do not accept:

  • Spirits, demons, darkspawn and golems
  • Half-elves
  • Dwarf/human children
  • Sex workers

We have made the decision that these character types are either unsustainable as character concepts or their creation does not fit with the lore of our site. We appreciate that there are notable exceptions but we do not allow these exceptions to alter what we will accept as OCs.

About Talents & Weapons

Q: What kind of weapons and talents are available?

A: Every character must adhere to the talents and skills as outlined in the CC Guide tab. We base our talents and weapons on what is available from DA:O, DA:A and DA2. We do not currently permit talents or weapons which are exclusive to DA:I.

About Characters

Q: What Origin is canon for Warden's Vigil?

A: Our canon Hero of Ferelden is Aedan Cousland. All other potential Warden origins are dead.

Q: How do I play a canon character?

A: Our Available Canons list has both our available canon characters as well as instructions to apply.

Q: When can I apply for an additional character (icnluding canon roles)?

A: Each player must:

  • demonstrate interest in and activity on the boards, both in and out of character
  • have at least 30 days between applications

before an additional application will be accepted for review.

Q: What about creating families and friends around a character?

A: We would caution players from apping two characters who will be heavily involved with one another. What often happens is that the player roleplays largely with themselves. If you have an idea for a character that you would like to see on the boards that would be attached to yours, you can post the request in our Looking For page. If the concept is interesting, you might find another player is interested in taking on your associated character.

Q: What about non-combatant characters?

A: Players are welcome to create these types of characters! It is still necessary to choose a class (usually a rogue) but players are allowed to choose minimum to no combat skills for these characters.

Q: What about a group of NPCs, like a guild or an order of assassins?

Groups such as these will require Staff approval and involvement. However, we welcome contact from players who have the creative energy to devote to these groups in addition to their own characters.

Application Reviews

Our character application review process involves a lot of time from players and Staff alike. This helps to ensure that each new character can fit into the version of Thedas which we have created here

First profile reviews are usually completed by a Moderator. Second profile reviews are usually completed by an Admin. We always try to complete these as quickly as real life allows. If we should need to take a little longer, the Moderation Team member dealing with your review will PM you with an estimated time scale.

Q: I was told to go back to the CC Guide! What does that mean?

A: This means that there are substantial deviations from what is outlined in our Character Creation Guide (CC Guide / CCG). It is usually easy for the Moderation Team to pinpoint character applications which have been completed without consulting the CCG. You will need to make amendments according to what is required by the CCG.

Q: Do I have to edit my application when asked?

A: The short answer — Yes. The longer answer — All edits requested by Staff are mandatory unless explicitly stated otherwise. We will make reasonable efforts to help players with their apps, however it remains the responsibility of the player to follow the CCG. Your profile is your chance to demonstrate that you’ve read the guide, you understand the basics of site lore, and that you can write in a clear enough manner for others to understand.

Q: Can my application be denied?

A: Yes, but this is not something which happens very often. An application can be denied for any number of reasons. Extensive lore and language errors; multiple requests for revisions that are not met; and poor attitude when dealing with the moderators on requested changes are all potential reasons for a denial. The player is given opportunity to make amendments and the Staff discusses the issue as a whole before the final decision is made.

Playing on Warden's Vigil

Q: What is the setting for Warden's Vigil?

A: As we progress through the story our setting will change; for all up to date details, please consult the Story Information.

Q: What game system is used?

A: Characters are required to use combat talents only from Dragon Age: Origins and some from Awakening. Other than this, we don't have a system in place. This is a free-form roleplaying site, which means that there are no dice rolls to determine chance, etc. See our Skills and Talents worksheet for more information. A lot of coordinating is done out-of-character for threads that have combat or other intensive interactions.

Q: How often do you expect players to post?

We have no post-frequency requirements for original characters. You can post multiple times a day or only once a week. While we would prefer you post once a week, this is not an enforced rule. If you don't post within two months however, we consider your character inactive.

Canon characters are required to post at least four times a month, as part of the responsibility of playing a canon is maintaining visibility and availability for roleplay. Failure to meet the minimum on an ongoing basis can result in a player losing the canon in question. Other characters they play would not be affected by this.

Q: What sorts of roleplaying make up the threads on Warden’s Vigil?

A: The majority of our threads deal with the development of relationships: romantic, platonic, political, etc. We have had some combat-intensive threads and threads with a high drama quotient. For the most part, combat makes up less than 5% of all of the interactions on the board.

Q: Is there any way for my character to learn more skills/talents then what's initially allowed?

A: Yes, a character can learn a new skill or talent from another character through roleplay. The skill does have to be appropriate for the character's class (a Rogue is not going to learn Shield Bash) and the character can't learn skills overnight. The character does have to practice the skill and the higher the Tier level of that skill the longer the time it should take for your character to officially gain it.

Q: Can specializations be learned through RP?

A: Absolutely. See if you can find a PC that has the specialization you'd like to acquire and work out a series of threads with them. Otherwise, if there are no PCs with the specialization you want, please contact the Staff who will work with you to create a feasible means of gaining the specialization. Please note that specializations will take IC time to learn. This is not something that will happen over the course of one thread.

Q: English is not my first language. Can I still join?

A: The board's language is English and we expect our players to have a good grasp of its written form. Perfect grammar or spelling is not required, but all players must be easily understood. As long as you can communicate easily and comfortably in English, you will be welcome.

Q: I don’t have an approved character yet, but I have a fantastic plot idea! Can I PM it to someone and get approval to run it?

A: While we appreciate people coming to us with plot ideas, we’d much rather see you get the profile done first and the character approved before running any plots by us. Get a character going first, roleplay with some people to get a feel for how we play around here, then start talking about the plot you have in mind. You might find out that the plot you had in mind won’t work in our continuity and instead come up with a new idea all together.

Q: I see there's an in-game month listed on the forum. Does that change per real-life month or is it decided some other way?

A: The in-game calendar moves forward by one IC month every two RL months. This doesn't mean that you can't have a thread starting in the months prior or even one month ahead. However, we would caution against roleplay too far ahead or behind the rest of the forums, otherwise you'll end up with no characters to play with as everyone is either "not there yet" or "never will be there".

Q: What will happen to my character if I leave Warden’s Vigil?

A: It all depends on the situation when you leave. If the player has any specific wishes when they leave, we will try to accommodate them. However, the Staff’s main concern is the players who are left and ensuring that their roleplay proceeds as smoothly as possible.

The best course of action for both the abandoned character and the players who are left is to take the character out of play as soon as possible. Usually this means sending them “off-board”, so there can’t be any further interaction with the character. This allows the remaining players to continue on. It also gives the abandoned character a fresh slate if the player chooses to return.

After two months of inactivity (e.g., no IC posts), an approved character's account will be marked as inactive. After six months, the character's account will be deleted. If the player wishes to return and left the board in good standing, they may re-apply by creating a new account and a modified profile.

Q: How long do my posts have to be?

A: We recommend two well-structured paragraphs, minimum. The idea behind this recommendation is to make sure players give each other enough material to work and interact with from post to post. Short posts, on occasion, can be powerful, but ideally, a post should be reactive and interactive. For more information on posting, please review our guidelines for Posting Etiquette, located in our Rules.

Q: How do we portray the time required to travel to different locations?

A: All players must take into account the time it would take to travel between locations. We have provided a chart which outlines the approximate travel times between key locations in Ferelden.

We can show this travel time in two ways on the board:

  • Calculate the travel time and just jump ahead to that date, making a post of your character arriving at or being in their chosen location.
  • Write a travel thread dated some time between your departure date and arrival date. This is an option if you're traveling with another PC and you want to use the travel time for your characters to get to know one another, or if you have a solo thread you want to write with reflection or a character-developing event.

We also have an excellent thread for travel distances and durations located here: Traveling in Thedas: Horses and Caravans.

The Staff of Warden's Vigil

Q: Who is "The Maker"? Does he actually play The Maker?

A: The Maker is the account used to represent the Moderation Team as a whole; we have elected to keep this account anonymous to preserve this representation. All content posted by this account has been agreed upon ahead of time by the full team.

Please be sure to send all forum-related correspondence to this account unless a member of the Moderation Team has indicated you may PM them directly.

Q: Who are the members of the Warden's Vigil Moderation Team?

A: Currently, the Administrator is Kahrin while the Moderators are Marius and Innes. The Moderation Team discusses every decision made on the forum, and no decision is made without a majority agreement. We manage this site as a team!

Additionally, we also have two non-staff members of our team: Alcine helps us with reviewing applications, and Charumati is our Tech Magister.

For a full explaination of our roles, please visit our Moderation Team thread.

The Character Creation Process

The first step before you can roleplay at Warden's Vigil is to create a character application. Each character application must be stamped by two Staff members before the character is approved to join the community.

What We Look For

Lore, Logic, Language

The character application is your chance to demonstrate your level of comfort with the lore of the world of Dragon Age, as well as your skill as a writer. We strive for consistency in characterisation, and cohesion with board events and decisions.

We do not require perfection at all times, or for all players to be expert writers. English is not the first language of all of our players, and while we are understanding of this, we do expect a level of written communication that will be clear to other players. Be mindful of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and take a few extra minutes to double check it before submitting your application for review.

The Moderation Team has created a resource to aid you in the profile creation process. If you follow the CC Guide step-by-step while filling out your application, you should have very little trouble getting approved.

Please note that the moderating team reserves the right to deny any character applications that do not follow the rules or do not fit within the lore of the site.

Application Reviews

When you post an application for review, it must receive two stamps before you will be permitted to join or create threads on the board. All Staff evaluate the applications based on the three main criteria mentioned above, taking into account our rules and policies, as well as storyline and lore.

If an application has too many errors, the moderators Staff will simply give an overview of the problems and provide links to the rules and policies, and storyline/lore information. For profiles with minor issues, we will be more specific.

Please note that the Moderation Team does not review profiles that are in the In-Progress Applications board. To be reviewed, applications must be in the Character Applications board. Contact a member of the Moderation Team if your application needs to be moved.

Creating Your Character: A Guide

Creating Your Character: A Guide

We put a great deal of emphasis on the character creation process, as you are, essentially, creating a person to live in our world. We want to make sure they will fit in and be a valuable part of our version of Thedas.

Basic Reminders:

  • Your profile should be written in third person from the point of view of your character
  • Do not include any dialogue in your profile.
  • Do not include any out-of-character (OOC) comments in your application.
  • Pictures may not be used in lieu of written description.

Please use the following guide as you fill out the Character Profile Template

Basic Information

Character Image

This is an optional field.

All images must be no more than 300 x 300 (and will be resized automatically) and fit within the world of Dragon Age. Any art used must have permission from the artist and a link to the artist’s page. Screenshots from any DA game are acceptable.

Images must not be photographs or contain characters who are recognizable from other games or media.

Character Full Name

Please include forename, middle names (if any) and surname of your character here.


Nicknames are optional. If your character has no nicknames, type ‘None’ into this field.

Similarly to Display and Character Name, all nicknames must be original. Any nickname which is not just a shortening of a longer name must be explained in the History.


We accept a range of races.

Please click on the relevant race to read guidelines specific to that character type. Click again to hide the guidelines.


General Notes

  • Humans may be from any country in Thedas
  • Humans may vary in appearance (weight, height, skin tone, etc.)

Specific Details

  • Heights: Men - no more than 6' 3"  |  Women - no more than 5' 11"
  • Humans with a elven parent may refer to themselves as ‘elf-blooded’ but their race and appearance remains indisputably ‘human’


General Notes

  • Elves may be either City Elf or Dalish.
  • City Elf may come from any city Alienage within Thedas, with the exception of the Tevinter Imperium.
  • Dalish may come from any country in Thedas, with the exception of the Tevinter Imperium.
    • Elves are slaves in the Tevinter Imperium.
  • Elves are treated as second-class citizens throughout Thedas, without exception.

Specific Details

  • Elves cannot be mistaken for humans. They have a distinctive appearance. Any character which has a elf/human parents will appear as human and should be classified as such.
  • Maximum height of 5' 8" for either sex.
  • All elves possess:
    • Large eyes that appear over-sized for their face and are shinier than humans’
    • Large pointed ears which extend past their hair
  • Please be mindful of your character’s History when choosing their Build.


General Notes

  • Most dwarves come from Orzammar. They will have a caste assigned to them which you should explain in your History.
  • Dwarves who live topside are known as Surface Dwarves. You will need to explain the circumstances by which they became Surface Dwarves (exile, choice, second-generation Surfacers etc).
  • Surface Dwarves are not permitted to return to Orzammar.

Specific Details

  • Maximum height of 4’ 10” for either sex.
  • Dwarves are heavy-set in their Build.


Qunari are restricted to players who have a minimum of one active character on the boards. Do not apply with a Qunari character as your first character; your application will be denied outright.

General Notes

  • Qunari are rare in southern Thedas with the most common being the Tal-Vashoth who gain employment as bandits and mercenaries.
  • The Staff reserve the right to restrict applications of Qunari if the board population becomes too great.

Specific Details

  • Qunari can be from one of three social standings: Qunari, Tal-Vashoth, Vashoth
  • Maximum height of 7’ 0” for either sex.
  • Hornless Qunari are extremely rare and a substantial explanation would be required in the History.
  • Hair is always white.
  • Skin tone is metallic in colour: bronze, silver or gold.
  • Tips of their ears are pointed.
  • Eye colours are: violet, red, silver, yellow.

Birth Date

All characters must be aged 17 and above.

A Date of Birth must be included. Please use one of the two formats:

Month Day Age:Year (e.g. Kingsway 14 9:12)
Day Month Year Age (e.g. 14 Kingsway 12 Dragon)

Please only use low/common names for the months.

While it is plausible that your character may not know their birth date, it is still necessary to state the information as part of out-of-character knowledge. ‘Unknown’ or the equivalent will not be accepted.


Men and women are considered equal in Thedas.


Please provide the town/city or general area where your character was born, including country.

While it is plausible that your character may not know their birthplace, it is still necessary to state the information as part of out-of-character knowledge. ‘Unknown’ or the equivalent will not be accepted.


State a height appropriate to your character’s race. Please see the notes in ‘Race’ (above) for maximum heights.


Please choose from either:

Skinny = low weight without muscle definition
Lean = low weight with muscle definition
Average = medium weight without muscle definition
Athletic = medium weight with muscle definition
Overweight = high weight without muscle definition
Muscled = high weight with muscle definition.

This refers to what is common for your character’s race. An average built human will appear differently to an average built elf.

More specific details to Build should be included in the ‘Appearance’ section under ‘Other’.

Marital Status

Please choose from either:


More specific details should be included in the History.


We accept three classes. Please click on the relevant class to read guidelines specific to that class type. Click again to hide the guidelines.


General Notes

  • Warriors are more muscular than the average person, so they tend to be heavier. This will impact on their Build

Specific Details

  • Warriors require formal training for nearly all of their talents. This will need to be accounted for in the History.


General Notes

  • Some rogue talents do not require formal training (such as Below the Belt and Dirty Fighting).

Specific Details

  • Any other skills will need to be accounted for in the History.


General Notes

  • Mages are either Circle Mages or Apostates. Both types are feared by the majority in Thedas.
    • Circle Mages may include an NPC Templar to accompany them beyond the confines of the Circle. However, there must be a clear reason why your mage would be permitted to travel.
    • Apostates must show an ability to manage their magic and avoid detection from Templars.

Specific Details

  • All mages generally demonstrate their power for the first time between ages 5 and 10.
  • Circle Mages will go through their Harrowing (which is different for every mage) between the ages of 17 and 21.
  • These details must be referenced in the History.

A character's class should be chosen based on your roleplaying goals as opposed to combat. Combat scenarios make up only roughly 10% of interactions on the board.


This is an optional field. If you do not wish your character to have a specialisation, please enter ‘None’. A specialization is not required for RP and the majority of characters do not start with one.

Characters may start with one specialisation which is specific to their class. Please note that substantial explanation must be given in the History for any character who has gained a Specialization.

Please be sure to reference our Specialization Trees when creating your application.


You may choose any realistic occupation for your character, depending on your roleplaying goals. Examples include: shopkeeper, thief, guard, artist, minstrel, mercenary etc.

If your character is a member of the nobility, a high-status figure or in a position of command, please state their full title here.

Please note that all nobility, high-status figures and those in a position of command require contact with the Staff prior to creating the application. Some of these characters are restricted to players who have a minimum of one active character on the boards. You will also be expected to abide by the Expectations for Characters in Leadership Roles

The role of Grey Warden in Ferelden can only be achieved after two out-of-character months on the board. This allows players to explore potential other RP options before committing to becoming a Grey Warden. Once a player has been on the board for two months, discussions about the circumstances of their Joining can be discussed with Staff. Grey Wardens in or from other countries do not have this restriction.

Any of these types of characters created without Staff approval will be denied outright.


This is an optional field. If you do not wish your character to have a companion, please enter ‘None’.

Companions are restricted to domesticated animals. Only a character with the Ranger specialisation is permitted a wild animal.

No sentient creatures may be listed as companions in this section. If your character is accompanied by an NPC character (e.g., your mage has an NPC templar), they should be listed in the History section.

Please consult our Companion Guide if you're interested in having an animal companion for your character. Staff reserve the right to deny a companion if there is not sufficient explanation within the History as to why the character has the creature.



Choose realistic colors for your race and age.

If your hair is greying due to age, choose a level of silver/grey that is appropriate for your character’s age. Completely white hair is not allowed for young characters.


Choose realistic colors for your race. Both eyes must be the same color.


This is an optional field. If you do not wish your character to have any additional information, please enter ‘None’.

This section is intended for you to expand on your character's build, birthmarks, tattoos, skin tone, complexion, scars, etc.


Please read the list of weapons, armor, and item restrictions. Llances, halberds, scythes, double-ended swords, short-swords, etc are not permitted.

Characters may have only one item of exceptional make (weapons or armor) and it must be reasonable. Please consult the Dragon Age materials. Canons are permitted additional items pending their History. This will require discussion with and final approval by Staff.

Weapons may be enchanted. However, there are some stipulations:

  • New characters can have one Novice Rune, either in armor or weapon, not both. Any more runes have to be purchased at a high cost. The purchase would need to be Staff approved.

  • Canon characters may get more than one rune and at a higher level depending on the canon. This is dependent on the canon character.

  • Nobility or very wealthy characters (eg. wealthy merchants) may start out with two Novice or one journeyman rune.

  • Rune purchases must be Staff approved. They can only be purchased from Tranquil merchants at this time. For a complete list of approved runes, see: Enchantment

Usual Garments/Armor

Please read the list of weapons, armor, and item restrictions.

Characters may have only one item of exceptional make (weapons or armor) and it must be reasonable. Please consult the Dragon Age materials. Canons are permitted additional items pending their History. This will require discussion with and final approval by Staff.

Armor may be enchanted. However, there are some stipulations:

  • New characters can have one Novice Rune, either in armor or weapon, not both. Any more runes have to be purchased at a high cost. The purchase would need to be Staff approved.

  • Canon characters may get more than one rune and at a higher level depending on the canon. This is dependent on the canon character.

  • Nobility or very wealthy characters (eg. wealthy merchants) may start out with two Novice or one journeyman rune.

  • Rune purchases must be Staff approved. They can only be purchased from Tranquil merchants at this time. For a complete list of approved runes, see: Enchantment


This section is used to itemize materials that your character usually carries on them. This can be a good way to give your character additional depth by stating they carry something unexpected (a souvenir from their home country, a sketchbook, etc.). Please do not feel obliged to list specific numbers (e.g. coin, potions) since this will change over the course of RP.


Your character's personality will determine how he or she reacts to the world and the people in it. This is an essential piece of your character's make-up as it will help you determine how to interact with other players.

Personality must be between a minimum of two paragraphs and a maximum of four paragraphs.

  • Be realistic and avoid over-the-top traits. Characters should be realistic and flawed. Perfect characters are boring and have little room for development. Real people have bad sides as well as good sides.

  • Keep it simple. Complex personalities can be extremely difficult to roleplay. Simplifying your character may lead to more interactions with other characters, and more fun.

  • Avoid stating how other characters should react to your character. This is a form of godmoding.

  • Keep interaction in mind. Creating a character who is anti-social or does not speak may sound interesting, but their interactivity will be limited. This also applies to characters who are crazy, psychotic, and/or serial killers.

Make sure your personality does not conflict with elements in your history. For example, if your character highly values life, they will likely not have a history of assassination.


This is the most important section in your profile. It tells us what we need to know about your character's upbringing and what made them who they are today, but beyond that, it also shows the Staff whether you understand the lore and world of Dragon Age.

History must be between a minimum of six paragraphs and a maximum of twelve paragraphs.

  • Consider the following when you write the history:
    • How did they grow up?
    • Who or what influenced them when they were young?
    • What events in their life made them what they are today?
    • How did they learn the skills they have?
    • What bent and shaped their personality?
    • What did they do during the Blight?
    • What are their goals/motivations as you bring them into play?

  • If your character is a mage, you don't need to detail their Harrowing. The important part is that they undertook it, and they passed.

Make sure your history is a summary. This is not a short story. Dialogue should not be used. It should be a detailed summary of your character's life up to present day and will give other players an idea of what to expect when interacting with you. Profiles should be written in third person perspective.

Clear, concise language is a must. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills. It is the writer's responsibility to ensure the reader understands their meaning, and not vice versa. You should proofread to catch any spelling or punctuation errors, but we're more concerned with ensuring that your message is easily understood.

Use NPC canon character connections sparingly. We’re not adverse to your character having contact with NPC canon characters, but it should be minimal and done only when absolutely necessary, when a original character can’t be used instead.

Get permission before referring to player canon characters. If you wish to have a connection with a canon character that is in play on the boards, send that character a quick PM detailing the desired involvement and asking their permission. Once you have received permission for their involvement, please PM the Staff so we’re aware and don’t hold up the approval of your profile in order to verify it.

Next Steps

Once your character application is complete, either post the application into the Character Applications board or PM a member of the Moderation Team requesting your application be moved from the In-Progress Applications board. Applications are reviewed as time allows. The Moderation Team member responsible for the review will contact you to inform you of a time frame if the review cannot be completed within 24-48 hours.

Once you have successfully gained two Moderation Team stamps, your application will be locked and moved to the Character Directory board. Your display name will be colored to denote your class and you may start or enter a thread.