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  • Posting Etiquette

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General Rules

  1. Treat everyone with respect — staff, member, and guest alike.
  2. Usernames must be PG13 appropriate; Display Names must be your character's name.
  3. Use the ProBoards Global Account feature for additional characters.
  4. No mini-modding; direct all concerns to the Moderation Team via PM.
  5. Use good grammar, punctuation, and spelling to the best of your ability. Keep cursing to a minimum.
  6. No metagaming, godmoding, powerplaying, or mini-modding.
  7. In OOC areas: topics such as rape, suicide, racism, and drug abuse should be kept off the forums.


  1. Players must be familiar with the primary componenets of the Dragon Age franchise.
  2. All characters must be appropriate for the Dragon Age setting.
  3. Minimum IC length is two well-structured paragraphs.
  4. Keep IC and OOC events separated.
  5. OOC Comments in IC threads must be kept to a minimum.

By registering with Warden's Vigil, you agree to follow the above rules as well as ProBoards Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.

Dialogue Colour

If you read through any of the posts on WV, you'll see that our dialogue is color-coded by character. Color-coded dialogue stands out, and makes it easily identifiable who spoke, rather than relying on dialogue tags. This is especially important in multi-character threads.

There is a color wheel button next to font size. Select a colour and a code which can be copied appears in the small box to the right. You may choose from that, or you can also choose a custom color to be coded manually, using any number of HTML color code guides that are out there, such as HTML Color Codes or Color Hex.

Copy / Pasting Dialogue

When replying to a post, you will need to copy/paste dialogue into your own post to show what, exactly, your character is reacting to. When you do, you must copy/paste the dialogue itself exactly as it's spoken. However, be careful not to copy the text surrounding the dialogue. This text can often contain character-specific thoughts or actions that your character might not know or see. This can be considered a form of godmodding.

When you copy/paste dialogue, try to interpret how it's said, or the other character's attitude, expression, emotions, etc., from your character's point of view. If you were actually there, listening to that character speak, what would you be seeing, feeling, thinking? Remember that in the real world, the emotions behind words can be, and often are misinterpreted.

Thread Status

We generally mark threads Open, Semi-Open, or Closed, or, occasionally, there will be no marker for thread status. Here is what those markers mean:

Open: Anyone who is in the area is welcome to join. You do not need to PM the creator of the thread to do so.

Semi-Open: There may be a story plot in progress, and there may be room for additional characters to join in. Or, the thread is open to a specific group (such as Grey Wardens or Darktown denizens). Please PM the creator of the thread to check.

Closed: This is a thread intended for a specific purpose involving specific characters. Characters who are not already involved in the thread need a really good reason to join it. If you think your character might be a worthwhile addition, by all means, feel free to PM the creator of the thread with your idea, but be prepared for them to say no.

Unmarked: These threads are typically reserved for OOC interactions, such as general chat, or conveying important information.

Complete: Threads marked as complete mean that their particular story is done, and there will be no more posts. Remember to mark your threads Complete when they are done.

Posting in Multiple Threads

If you're involved in multiple threads, remember to be respectful to your thread partners. Try to be as timely as you can, remembering that other people may be waiting on you to post to move their plots and development. By the same turn, remember that we are all people on the other side of the screen. If you have concerns with the posting speed of your thread partner, try talking to them!

Also, out of respect for each other, do not take on more threads than you can handle. It can be very easy to do. Taking on so many threads that posting feels like work instead of fun is the first step on the road to burning out. We want you to have fun here, so make sure to manage your thread load, only taking on what you can reasonably handle.

Date Marking

When you create a thread for other players to join, mark the date and time of day at the top of the thread using the Thedas Calendar. This allows people to know where their characters are at the time of the thread and whether or not they can join in.

Examples of Format:

MM/DD AGE:YEAR = 01/15 9:32
MM, DD AGE:YEAR = Wintermarch, 15 9:32

These should be added in double parentheses at the beginning of a thread. Time of day should be marked as a general time, midday, noon, afternoon, evening, etc.

Inactive / Absent Characters

At WV, we believe that Real Life comes first. Occasionally this means a player will fall inactive or be absent for an extended period of time. This can have a significant impact on threads in which that player’s characters are involved.

If you need to leave WV for an extended period of time, please contact the Staff via the Maker account so we can assist you, and try to notify the people with whom you’re posting.

If you're in a thread with an inactive or absent player:

After a week of no posts, with no contact, from that player, please send them a PM to inquire about when you might expect a post. If you do not hear from the player within another week, and that character’s involvement is not essential to a plot or the continuation of the thread, feel free to continue the thread by writing out the character in question, or simply ignoring their presence, whichever is more suitable.

If it is a plot thread and the character is essential to the ongoing story, please contact the moderating team and we will help you determine the best course of action. We prefer not to NPC player characters unless it is absolutely necessary, though sometimes it is unavoidable. In most cases, we will help you determine the end actions for that particular thread, so the thread can be abandoned and the story continued in another thread without the absent character’s involvement.


If you have any questions about how to use Discord, please contact any member of the Moderation Team, and we will do our best to assist you.

Do NOT give out the Discord link to anyone. The Staff will give the link to new and returning members. Voice chat has been disabled. All behavior rules from the board will be enforced. If you have a disagreement with another player, including Staff, please present it Board PM. Do your best to take arguments or drama to a DM or outside of the general chat. Please respect your fellow players! If needed, a member of the Staff may be approached to help address any issues which cannot be resolved between players.

Do NOT say anything in any of the chats you would not want your fellow players to see. Discord history is available to all members of the chat, and they will be able to go through the chat that happened when they were offline. This also falls under the respect rule of the board. Per our old IRC rules, no politics should be discussed.

Do NOT say anything in any of the chats you would not want your fellow players to see. Discord history is available to all members of the chat, and they will be able to go through the chat that happened when they were offline. This also falls under the respect rule of the board. Per our old IRC rules, no politics should be discussed.

Discord offers article and image previews when links are shared, and can be disabled in your account settings. Themes are limited with the mobile and desktop apps at this time. The webapp theme can be changed by installing themes through your browser.

#general will be PG13 at all times.

#nsfw is for chat that goes beyond PG13 and is for our players who are 18 and over. Occasional images may be posted, but try to keep them board related.

#plotting is self explanatory.

Other channels will be created on an ad hoc basis. Please ask the Moderation Team if you have a specific need.

Groupings will be similar to those on the board. You must be 18 or older and willing to disclose your age to a Staff member to gain access to the #nsfw channel.

Using /me or putting text between *asterix* will italicize words and indicate actions like emotes in IRC. More information on using Discord can be found here.

The Shoutbox

The Shoutbox at the bottom of the forum page is intended to provide a location for players to communicate in real time outside the IRC. It is intended primarily for fun and sharing messages of relatively low importance.

Please refrain from posting new Dragon Age spoilers of any kind, but you can expect spoilers on existing content at least three months old. ProBoards rules for content (PG-13 or milder) apply. No verbal abuse of any players will be tolerated, and will result in being banned from the Shoutbox, if not the Board.

The Shoutbox is not an appropriate means of contacting members of the Moderation Team. Activity ranges from nonexistent to very active, and messages can cycle off before they are seen. Members of our Moderation Team may be using the mobile version, which does not display the Shoutbox. In general, the Moderation Team will not respond to messages relating to absences or other player needs posted in the Shoutbox. Please communicate via PM or in the appropriate board section.

As always, if you have any questions about these rules, please contact a member of the Moderation Team through PM.