Our Story and Time Skip World State

Our story so far...

While the Fifth Blight remained contained within the borders of the barbarian kingdom of Ferelden, largely due to the diligent efforts of Grey Wardens Aedan Cousland, Alistair Theirin, and their array of companions, its effects have spread much further. Despite having taken extreme losses from darkspawn and civil war alike, Ferelden nonetheless continues in a slow recovery, albeit with political turmoil, Chantry crackdowns, and a foreboding sense of instability hindering those efforts. Even a new King, and the return of a much beloved Queen, cannot seem to put the people completely at ease. Those who fled the Kingdom of Dog Lords for safer lands now find themselves acclimating to their new homes. Among them are Hawke and her family who have discovered they are not immune to the hardships of acclimation as refugees in Kirkwall.

Across the Waking Sea and beyond, tensions, Chantry and otherwise, are building. Kirkwall teeters, as if waiting for something yet unknown to happen. Politics and racial unrest continue to be an ever-shifting tide in Orlais. A tug o’ war of power between the Grey Wardens and the Monarchy simmers in the Anderfels. Assassinations, coups, invasions, genocide, and revolt touch the furthest reaches of the Free Marches.

Perhaps nothing is watched with more wariness and uncertainty as the Andrastrian Chantry, bidding farewell to one Divine and ushering in a far more radical new one. Meanwhile, the Tevinter Imperium, to the north, remains shrouded in dark rumor, and their mysterious Imperial, patriarchal Chantry.


The Canon Divergent Setting of Warden’s Vigil

The Fifth Blight began in Kingsway, 9:29, and ended in Kingsway 9:30 when Aedan Cousland put his sword into the Archdemon’s head. His actions ended the Blight, and released her soul which to, presumably, completed the ritual to impregnate his lover, Morrigan. Aedan’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but it is rumored he may have made contact with the Witch.

Following treason committed by his first wife, Alistair Theirin has formed a political alliance with his late brother’s widow, Anora. While their marriage is based on politics and a mutual desire for stability in Ferelden, they continue to strive towards friendship, perhaps even affection. Having formally adopted the three orphans of his sister, Goldanna, Alistair and Anora have named Marina Theirin as heir to the throne.

The teyrnir of Highever continues making strides towards restoration after the crimes of Rendon Howe. Racial tensions bubble on both sides of the fence of the Alienage, aggravated by the assassination of Fergus Cousland’s elven wife. Meanwhile, the teyrnir of Gwaren has seen the rise and fall of leaders since the death of Loghain Mac Tir. Its future continues to teeter between uncertainty and fragile stability. Matters are further complicated by the various Dalish clans and Chasind tribes of the southern region, who all make claims on the same lands.

The Grey Wardens of Ferelden enjoy a near-celebrity status as their numbers swell. Certainly the favor of Ferelden’s King has protected them from outright criticism, but his idealism regarding the Order is tested by the decisions made by their leadership, both local and abroad. A power struggle between the Chantry and the Wardens continually pulls him in opposing directions.

The Mage Warden Anders merged with the Spirit of Justice, who formerly occupied the corpse of the Grey Warden Kristoff, in Kingsway of 9:34. After deserting the Grey Wardens, Anders was spirited away across the sea by the Friends of Red Jenny. His presence in Kirkwall has done little to better the tightly coiled tension of the citystate, or Hawke’s patience.

Circles across Southern Thedas continue to tighten their grip on both their mages and their templars. The annulment of the Circle in Ansburg prompted the Anderfels Grey Wardens, under the guidance of the First Warden, to intervene, simultaneously bolstering their numbers and angering Chantry, Templar, and Seeker leadership. Tragedies have befallen Circles in Ostwick and Starkhaven, and there are places in the Free Marches which have become hostile to mages.

The Qunari, including their Arishok, arrived in Kirkwall in 9:34.

Our timeskip will bring us to Bloomingtide, 9.39. Please note that we will be diverging from canon in that the end event of DA2 has not yet triggered. 'Yet' being the key word there.

In Ferelden, the country prospers under the steady hand of King Alistair and Queen Anora. Their union may have been politically motivated, but they have earned the affection of their people. While squabbles, petty or otherwise, between the nobles remain constant, the general feeling within Ferelden is one of peace and stability.

In Denerim, Arl Eideard Clacher has continued pushing for the rights of elves in Denerim and beyond. In addition to assisting Bann Shianni in establishing a court system and guard native to the Alienage, he has taken strides to train and integrate elves into both the Denerim City Guard and his own personal Guard. Taking the advice of Arlessa Mairyn Farr, his wife, he's led the push to make horses more accessible and supports her efforts to establish regiments of horse archers in the armies of both teyrnirs as well as within the King's Guard.

In Amaranthine, chaos abounds following the loss of Warden-Commander Nathaniel Howe. The arling is without its Arl, though the banns within its borders strive to maintain stability, and the Grey Wardens are leaderless beyond a few Senior Wardens and some distant guidance from the Free Marches.  Sightings of Grey Wardens throughout Amaranthine, and Ferelden, have begun to decrease as Wardens slink away, be it on their own adventures or to the Order in Orlais. 

In Gwaren, Teyrna Kahrin Quirke Ainsley has worked towards establishing stability in the teyrnir. Her education initiative has taken its first few steps, starting with establishing schoolhouses in major trade hubs, and pushing towards more of them in outlying holdings where the Chantry has less presence. Gwaren has begun to trust their teyrna as she works towards earning it, in no small part to not letting failures and setbacks stymie her work. There is still dissent from more 'traditional' nobles, who do and will continue to test her.

In Kirkwall, tensions continue to simmer between mage and Templar. Their Champion, Hawke, walks an ever thinning line between peace and all out war. Knight-Commander Meredith grows ever more devout in her duties, though some would argue it is a necessity given how First Enchanter Orsino now behaves. Unbeknown to most, the Marcher state has drawn the close attention of Divine Justinia herself, though she has yet to act. Faintest whispers of discontent from within the Chantry itself begin to be known. 

In Orlais, the stakes of the Grande Game grow ever higher. Rumours abound of opponents who would claim the Sunburst throne, of a strange Occult Advisor within the court, and of calls to re-conquer lost parts of the Empire. Empress Celene rules for the moment, playing the Game with a grace and deftness few can rival, though even the smallest oversight may see her come undone.

We do not want to overburden players with an excess of information all at once. For example, the timeline for events such as the dissolution of the College of Enchanters, the assassination attempt on Divine Justinia, the Fraternities conclave and their decision are still to be incorporated. However, none of these events will happen before Kingsway, 9.39. Players are welcomed and encouraged to play out the impact of the time skip on their characters without worrying about the additional complication of whole-world events.

If there are events which have not been referred to and would have a significant impact on the board, please let us know so we can include detail about it. This is intended as a work-in-progress and we welcome feedback so that the whole board can help shape our world state in 9.39. So that we can keep to our schedule of the time skip occurring on 31st January, 2019, please let us know of any omissions before 20th December.