[Story Planning] Mage Underground Recall Roster

Hi all!

I have some plans for Anders over the skip and beyond. If you'd like to be approached for a thread with Anders (either one on one or in a small group TBD), particularly if you would like to have your character involved in the Mage Underground, drop a reply in this thread, and what sorts of skills or involvement you would be interested in.

Not everything will make it on the page. Some of what I am looking for is context to establish threads leading up to the Jenga to get interested parties involved. You don't HAVE to have thread ideas, though I'll take them under advisement. Mostly I want to build relationships and history (both IC and OOC) so we can ICly play things out.


You know Lucien is up for anything and everything. Basically, whatever Anders needs, he's up (HUR).
Cassidy is in! Skills include entropy magic, cleaning and fixing clothing, being inconspicuous and rolling her eyes at shems.