We Definitely Started This Fire [Plotting]

Let's get this riot party started!

Saoirse and Isabela have started in the thread that will kick off everything. At the end, qunari will charge into the auction room in an attempt to regain the tome, which they will temporarily do - right up until Isabela kills the one handling the book and does a runner. This will be much more visible than in the game, the kill taking place in front of a lot of witnesses, so word will spread fast. From there the Arishok, enraged at the murder and losing the book again, will order the capture of the city.

Due to the nature of the surroundings, most threads will be fairly short as there won't be time for drawn out conversations.

I require volunteers for:

a) People for Isabela to encounter as she flees the city, slowing her up and giving her an opportunity to change her mind. 

b) People fighting alongside Cullen as he tries to restore order. This party would move up from the docks to Hightown, and the thread would end as they reach the Keep.

c) If you want to RP with somebody in Kirkwall and haven't had the chance yet, now's the time! We can arrange side quests for people to focus on during the invasion, which will hopefully lend an air of urgency to most threads.

PM at me with any questions or requests!

- Sketchy
Henri is available for Templar-related needs.
I am assuming that Anders will be with during most of this arc, but there is probably/possibly room for him to do a thread outside of the main events if he is wanted/needed.
I had planned on Lucien laying low for all this and, while he won't be fighting, if you want him as someone who slows Isabela, I could probably make that work. Just let me know if he's needed for that and ill try to set up a situation where he's out of the shop.
Cassidy can be available in Lowtown/the Alienage/the Docks as a conversationalist or observer. She would likely stay out of the fighting unless the Alienage needs defense.
Iona can be available for any Qunari opposition! She is open for either A or B!
Adelaide is prepped and ready for action. Likely to take to the streets and carve up opposition, but can suit her to whatever's needed!