Adelaide Reeves

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Adelaide reeves

Basic Information

Account Name: reeves
Character's Full Name: Adelaide Cormac Reeves
Character's Nickname(s): Reeves

Race: Human
Birth date: 23 Guardian, 9:9 Dragon
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Highever, Ferelden
Height: 5'7
Build: Athletic
Marital status: Single
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Templar
Occupation(s): Knight-Tracker
Companion(s): None


Hair: Long, straight, ash-blonde colored hair. Generally kept pulled back in a loose ponytail.
Eyes: Blue-grey in color.

Other: Pale skin dotted with freckles and a scar running through her left eyebrow and down her cheek. Bump on her nose from where it's been broken a few times. Both ears have three piercings, and off duty she wears a silver cuff at the top of her left ear. 

Weapons: Standard issue Templar longsword and shield. Keeps a silverite dagger tucked in her boot at all times and hidden under her pillow when she sleeps. 

Usual Garments/Armor: On duty she wears standard issue heavy steel Templar armor with a few personal modifcations. Off duty she tends towards maroon and brown colored clothing, preferring pants and loose sleeved shirts over skirts and corsets. She loves fur, and is often seen with a grey wolf pelt wrapped around her neck and shoulders, regardless of the weather. 

Inventory: Mage bane, lyrium powder, coin purse, chantry sun pendant made from her families melted down signet ring, healing potions.


Basic Skill(s): Dance, Art, Weapon & Armor Maintenence, drinking people under the table

Trade Skill(s): Tracking, Bartering, Cartography

Common: Fluent in reading, writing and spoken language.
Orlesian: Fluent in reading, writing, and conversational spoken language.

In-Game Skill(s):
Combat Tactics:
Tier 1, 2, 3
Combat Training: Tier 1, 2, 3
Coersion: Tier 1, 2

Combat Talents/Spells:
Sustained Abilities:
Weapon & Shield: Shield Defence, Shield Wall
General: Presice Striking, Threaten

Passive Abilities:
Templar: Righteous Strike, Mental Fortress, Powerful
Weapon & Shield: Shield Balance 

Activated Abilities:
Templar: Cleanse Area, Holy Smite
Weapon & Shield: Shield Bash, Shield Pummel
General: Taunt


As the child of a well-off family who's parents had intentions to marry her off to a man of high standing when she came of age, Adelaide was trained to be graceful and well-spoken. She can move within the nobility with the ease of a woman who's known nothing else. That is, of course, if she ever bothered to. Resentful of her families attempts at stifling her freedom, she shucked off any sort of noble demeanor and instead spends much of her off-duty time in shady bars, stalking around Lowtown, and swearing so much her mother would faint. Her temper is volatile and personality much the same. She may treat the mages under her care with respect, though very rarely kindness, but any maleficar is killed on-sight with no hesitation. 

She's perhaps not the most zealous of her Order, caring more for her own personal standing and performing her job to the best of her abilities and beyond, rather than exuding power over the mages under her care. Though she's rather self-centred, she's still made it clear that any abuse of power will not stand. Having experienced what it's like to have her freedom stifled, she empathises with the Mages but feels their plight is a small price to pay for the safety of the people. However, that doesn't mean she will stand by and watch as other Templars abuse their power or fraternize with their charges.  

Her job is her life and as such, she excells in almost every aspect of it and has a competitive nature that sparks to life in everything she does. From casual drinking competitions, to who can apprehend the most apostates in a month, Adelaide will always aim for the top. Though strangers may see her as cocky and overconfident, in reality her competitiveness stemmed from the strong belief that she will never be enough. She uses her violent and crude demeanor as a way to cover up insecurities buried into her by her family at a young age. She struggles to be kind, often masking any affection she feels towards people with backhanded compliments and awkward displays. But those few who get past her defenses are met with a deeply religious woman who loves maps and cheap liquor in equal measure and will quickly turn to mush at the sight of furry friends. 


Adelaide was one of two twins born into a family of lesser nobility in Highever, Ferelden. Her and her brother where both told from a young age that it was their duty to marry well and become respectable members of society. Their parents were strict, Maker fearing individuals with a no nonsense policy and would accept nothing but perfection in every aspect of their lives, including and especially regarding their children. Their tutelage started very early on, covering the politics of Ferelden and branching out to cover the important pieces of Free Marcher and Orlesian politics to ease future diplomatic and trade meetings. Along with decorum, dance and everything else they might need to shine in the higher escelon of society, Adelaide also showed an interest in Cartography, having seen her fathers array of maps and heard him speak of it often. She had a desire to be closer to her parents when she was young, and so she began reading of and learning cartography in her own time in an attempt to have her father notice her. Her father commended her for taking the initiative to learn a new skill and began occasionally including her in his conversations of the topic. Eventually Cartography morphed into a passion for Adelaide that followed her into adulthood, instead of something she simply used to get closer to her parents.

Growing up in a family with two strict, overacheiving parents meant that their children were constantly competing for their attention and affection. While Adelaide did well in her studies, her brother was always just that little bit better. She grew angry and resentful of her twin, constantly being looked over for her sibling caused her to lash out at him frequently. The more he 'won', the lower her self-esteem would get, the more she lashed out, and the more her relationship with her brother deteriorated. It was a vicious cycle that had no end in sight because as she took her anger out on those around her, so would he. But instead of lashing out, he simply began looking down on her as their parents did, seeing her as an insolent child that wasn't worth their time. Because of this she grew into a spiteful kid who could never prove herself to her parents in the ways they desired. So at thirteen she began moving away from pursuits of the mind and more towards the physical. Her parents cared little about her at this point, having weighed her worth by her achievements and found her wanting. Adelaide began training with the sword, soaring in her training and thriving off the discipline it offered her. Eventually she became completely unresponsive to her parents best efforts to move her focus away from physical training. 

Over the next year her parents tempers grew shorter and shorter and Adelaide became more rebellious than ever. She snuck out one night to spar with a group of friends in the fields just outside of Highever. But after a stray sharpened stick clipped her eye and she came home bleeding profusely, proudly showing off what would soon be a lovely battle scar, her father went into a frenzy. That night was not something she remembers well and she came out of it with more wounds than when she went in. Years of denying her parents forceful requests that she do better in her studies had labelled her as a rebellious child, more trouble than she's worth. And so, with another kid in their household- one that her parents would not allow to fall into the depths of depravity and unruly behavior Adelaide did- She was given up to the Chantry.

There she flourished. Finally out from under the watchful eyes of her parents, she threw herself into her studies of the Chant, quickly proving the sharpness of her mind and body in equal measure. She was always a faithful child, believing in the Maker and his light with every inch of her being, but was wary of the Chantry itself. Believing it to be full of pansies and people who preferred to sit in their fancy buildings, preaching about the Maker but doing nothing to act on His tenants. Her competitive nature reared it's head during her first year in the monastary and she pushed herself to great lengths to shine brighter than any of the other children in every aspect of their studies. While she never outright gloated of her victories over the other children, she would send a smug smile their way every time.

Eventually she caught the eye of a recruiter and at the age of sixteen she was transferred to another monastery to begin training as a Templar. Her training became everything to her. Serving the Maker in a physical, tangible way was a true blessing from Him to Adelaide. She had few opinions on Mages one way or the other, though. She simply saw them as a dangerous tool, one that, if used incorrectly, could cause immense damage. The studies her family pushed on her when she was younger meant that she was already well above many of the other orphans in the monastary, and so she powered through her training with ease and exceptional enthusiasm. The physical training she and the other recruits were given was something she adored. She spent much of her free time in the training ring and would challenge anyone she could to spar. This may have resulted in a few injuries on both ends, including Adelaide having her nose broken not once but twice, but she thrived in the ring, showing great promise as a warrior. On the eve of her nineteenth nameday she took her vigil and apon completion, her first draft of Lyrium.

She was given her first assignment at Kinloch Hold, Ferelden and almost immediately apon arriving, tensions started rising. Within the year, everything fell to shit. Uldreds uprising, while brutal and tragic both, gave Adelaide a chance to prove her worth to the Templar Order. She took to slaying malificar and abomonations with gusto and wholeheartedly supported the Rite of Annulment, truly believing in her superiors judgement of the situation. But the loss of many of her charges and comrades left her emotionally crippled. Coming from a noble upbringing, this was the first time she had seen anything so horrific. She struggled with night terrors for a time after the Uprising, but she was stubborn, and probably not very good at the whole 'self-care' thing. So instead of requesting time to grieve and work through what she saw, she threw herself into her work tracking down and capturing- or slaying- the mages who escaped during the uprising. The distraction tactic worked for her, though she's not so daft as to think shoving her trauma to the back of her mind will work forever.

She was transferred to the Gallows in Kirkwall not long after things had calmed down and she settled into her place there quickly. The amount of illegal mage activity meant she was never want for things to do and gave her plenty of opportunities to shine. But the longer she was there, the more the corruption in her Order became glaringly obvious. The amount of Templars abusing their power and the iron fist Knight Commander Merideth weilded over their charges became a cause for concern to Adelaide. And while she trusted her superiors to make the right decisions, she still kept a watchfull eye on them, seeing the signs of a Tyrant in her commanding officer. She never questioned or contradicted her Commander, but the desire to rebel niggled at her consious. Though instead of challenging Merideth, she doubled down and worked harder to make herself known, intending to earn a promotion so that she could at least negate some of the damage being caused by the Tempars of lower rank.

Unfortunately, one 'Cullen Rutherford' swooped in and stole the Knight Captain position from under her nose. While she still quietly seethes at being overlooked and one-upped, she simply uses her envy and anger as a tool to push herself harder. The longer she spends at the Gallows, the more she butts heads with the more zealous of her comrades. Her faith in the order she loves so much is slowly starting to diminish the more atrocities she sees commited at the hands of her brethren, and she fears the day the mages decide they've had enough.

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