What is Good or What is Best? [closed]

((OOC: 17 Solace, 36 Dragon, Arl Wulff’s estate in Western Hills; ))

Once the midwife deemed it safe for Kahrin to travel--with very strict instructions for her care which Carbry took with grave seriousness--she set out with a mixed bag of emotions for Western Hills. Certain she was awash with excitement for Innes to see… well everything. Their child kicked and moved inside her, strong and healthy, and her heart fluttered to imagine his face when he put his hands at the ever growing swell of her stomach and felt it for himself.

But duty came first, and this trip was not at all in the name of a pleasant one. The news from the King had shocked her, cold, until she’d had to sit to get through the letter. Naturally, the King could decide without her, but she recognised a gesture of good faith when she saw one. He would not act against one teyrn without consulting the other. Even given the King’s acknowledgment of her power, she did not cherish what lay ahead of them in any way.

Time had come for her to seek the counsel of her elders. Arl Wulff had ruled for some time; grown up during the Occupation, and survived the near annihilation of his arling during the Blight. If the South received little attention from the Crown, Western Hills would have seen less had it not been for Gallagher Wulff. If anyone could advise her in this grim time, it was certainly him.

While she was fit for travel, it was not a comfortable or enjoyable trip. Some stretches the small carriage was preferable, and other times horseback jostled her far less. Given the warmth of the season and fair weather, they made excellent time, arriving a day earlier than planned, giving the Teyrna time for much needed, and insisted upon by her Guard-Captain, rest.

Refreshed, it was the next morning for which they decided to meet, again, giving Kahrin ample time to break her fast and ready herself. After the lengthy travel, she’d never felt so grateful for loose clothing, and other than the twisted style of the bone pins in her hair, she was pleased to be allowed the comfort of a casual gown of light material.

“Arl Wulff,” she greeted him, her nod deeper than necessary, and showing respect along with the use of his surname. Teyrna she might be, but she was out of her experience, even given the hard work she’d put in over the last years. “Gwaren thanks you for your hospitality. And, on a personal note, I’m glad to see you again.” That part was true. There was a particular gruffness about Arl Wulff that she found rather endearing.

That was where the pleasantries ended, sadly. “I wish it was under better circumstances we were meeting, but I find myself in need of your experience and advice.” She approached him in her slightly waddly, telltale gait, handing him the letter from Denerim, which had passed under only her eyes, and that of her Guard-Captain and seneschal since. “The situation in Highever is dire. This sickness ravages the North, and all efforts to stop it have been… fruitless.” She took a deep breath and lightly lidded her eyes before meeting his. “The news from Castle Cousland is no better. The household has fallen ill, including the Teyrn and his new wife.”

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